I’m Sorry, Grandpa

The boy in this photo is my grandfather.

He was probably about 10 years old.

The man with him is not his father.

At the age of 5, my grandfather tragically lost his dad when he was crushed beneath a log that fell on him while he was working.

My grandfather was one of the first to the scene.

Horrible trauma.

“Pap” had three siblings.

After the accident, only the baby stayed with Mom.

Pap passed through multiple homes before settling with a family friend, the man you see here. His name was Homer.

Homer gave Pap a roof over his head and he provided for his basic needs. But he was never a father.

My grandfather endured great hardship in his life.

He was 19 when The Great Depression hit.

Times were tough. But Pap was tougher.

Tough, but deeply kind.

A true man of faith.

He walked the walk.

Before his death, Pap set $25K aside for me to use as a future home down payment.

$25K was huge to this man.

In 2006 I used the money to buy my first home.

But sadly, over time I mishandled his gift.

I took loans against my equity to pay gambling debts and then to gamble more.


Addiction made me so selfish.

Thankfully, years later I broke that spell.

I’m so sorry that you got caught up in it, Pap.

You certainly didn’t deserve it.

I love you. And thank you. 




Love That Breaks Chains

In 2009 I attended a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting at a church in Laureldale, PA.

They gave me the key chain below as a welcome gift.

I was in a devastating season with my habit. I had gone from a run of over $10K back to a loss that I could not cover.

I had to come clean.

So I asked my family for a loan to pay the debt.

It was a humbling time, to say the least.

The day after the meeting, my partner left me.

The reveal of my habit was perhaps more than she could bear.

That hurt.

I trusted her.

Two years later, in the wake of another toxic breakup, I turned back to my old buddy the sportsbook for comfort…to soothe my anxiety.

That’s when the love of my life appeared and intervened.

Not a figure from my past.

Not a woman.

But God.

He interrupted my day in a manner I could not deny and He told me to take responsibility for my life, to seek forgiveness and share my story.

I quit gambling that afternoon.

And I began resting in the security of His loving care.

Clearly God was never going to abandon me.

He proved that by seeking to lead me home during my darkest season.

That’s true love.

That’s the kind of love that breaks the chains of the oppressed, gives sight to the blind and moves mountains.

I urge you to seek this love and share it.

It’s transformational.





My Gambler’s Anonymous Welcome Key Chain

Are you Ready for Spiritual Warfare?




I was chosen. A child of God born with a mission to serve in His name. From a very early age, the devil had me in his sights. He was eager to disrupt my calling before it was ever able to fully reveal itself to me. While his tactics were extraordinarily crafty, his broader scheme is one that has been repeatedly used for thousands of years among many of his targets. The primary objective? Distract the children of God from realizing the purposeful missions that the Lord has called them to fulfill…and then take their souls. The complexities of the devil’s handbook are many. But trust that the Father loves us deeply. Every hair on our heads has been created in His perfect intention. And He has a sincere interest in guiding us to eternity in His Kingdom. So fear not. And remember that you, too, were chosen.

The victory is ours. We need only to claim it.

How Do You Define Success? Finish the Race…

How do you define success?

It’s not as complicated as you may think.

Humans have always had a notorious obsession with establishing the earthly markers of prosperity in their lives and gauging the value of their existence by them.

In our desire to play God, we make things very messy.

In reality, all we need to do is empower the Holy Spirit so that we can reveal His will, and then step out boldly on that path and finish the race.

That, my friends is success.

It’s not about you.

It’s about Him.

And it always has been.


Give Me a Blank Page

Transformation begins with a blank page.

Throw everything else out the window.





None of it means a thing.

Give me an open heart…

…an earnest desire for The Truth…

…and a willingness to sacrifice all that you once thought you were for everything that God desires you to become.

That’s it.

Give me a blank page.

And then I’ll get out of the way and watch God work in the space that you’ve created for Him.

A new story will be told.

You’ll be blown away…

…because God’s story may not look anything like the one that you’ve been telling for the vast majority of your life.

But man will it be powerful…

It will be pure.

It will be potent.

It will be purposeful.

It will change lives, beginning first and foremost with you.

Most people are terrified by the idea of starting over.

They would prefer to choose the captivity of known misery over renewal and freedom simply due to the perceived risk associated with stepping out in faith.

Personally, I LOVE a blank page.

Broke, naked, humbled…

…this is where I am most comfortable.

Denied of everything but The Lord.

That’s when I am full.

That’s when I am clear.

That’s when I am powerful.

That’s when His Majesty is most perfectly revealed through me.




God’s Light Will SHINE in the Darkness

Yes, it’s dark.

But God is not done yet…not by a long shot.

When all hope is lost…

When no human can any longer claim victory…

This is when His Majesty will be revealed.

And when He acts, you will not be able to deny it.

Have faith.

Praise Him for the works that He has already done and those that He is about to do.

Meet me at the barn.

I’ll see you there.





It’s in His Hands… God’s Victory Will Be Revealed, Do Not Fear

The Spirit has spoken.

I feel moved by Its presence.

My cup overflows.

We are in the midst of spiritual warfare.

And I proclaim that the Victor is the Lord.

The outcome was determined long before this battle began.

Find comfort in His word.

Rest in His peace.

Ask for the eyes to see.

And God’s glory will be revealed to you.


It’s Over, Easy Street

It’s over…

I can’t keep chasing this illusion.

Our relationship is toxic.

The fact of the matter is, when I’m with you, I feel hollow inside.

I become stagnant, surrendering to the fear of my inadequacy whenever you are absent.

In the emptiness I often find myself leaning into temptation and rejecting opportunities for growth.

Risks become minimal, and excuses amplified.

My faith draws increasingly shallow.

My vision becomes blurred.

Purpose becomes the pursuit of “another day.”

But what if I don’t have another day…?

After all, tomorrow is certainly not promised to anyone.

It’s imperative that I start living, NOW.

Risking my life in comfortable discomfort is not something that I can tolerate any longer.

It’s over, Easy Street.

We just aren’t meant to be.

I need more. That’s just how I am built.

My mission is a winding road.

And I LOVE it.

I know it sounds crazy….

But give me tears, bruises and battle scars…

Because I fully understand the fruit that they bear.

And I’ll take them over a false sense of security and comfort any day.

What about you?


Prophetic Dream about Marriage and The End Times

On the morning of August 24th, I was awakened by a prophetic dream.

It was deeply moving.

And I felt immediately led to capture all of the details for analysis.

My wife, who was lying next to me in bed was also waking from a dream.

Remarkably her dream involved a storyline that in many ways paralleled my own.

Two different lenses.

Two different perspectives.

One profound message from God.