Love That Breaks Chains

In 2009 I attended a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting at a church in Laureldale, PA.

They gave me the key chain below as a welcome gift.

I was in a devastating season with my habit. I had gone from a run of over $10K back to a loss that I could not cover.

I had to come clean.

So I asked my family for a loan to pay the debt.

It was a humbling time, to say the least.

The day after the meeting, my partner left me.

The reveal of my habit was perhaps more than she could bear.

That hurt.

I trusted her.

Two years later, in the wake of another toxic breakup, I turned back to my old buddy the sportsbook for comfort…to soothe my anxiety.

That’s when the love of my life appeared and intervened.

Not a figure from my past.

Not a woman.

But God.

He interrupted my day in a manner I could not deny and He told me to take responsibility for my life, to seek forgiveness and share my story.

I quit gambling that afternoon.

And I began resting in the security of His loving care.

Clearly God was never going to abandon me.

He proved that by seeking to lead me home during my darkest season.

That’s true love.

That’s the kind of love that breaks the chains of the oppressed, gives sight to the blind and moves mountains.

I urge you to seek this love and share it.

It’s transformational.





My Gambler’s Anonymous Welcome Key Chain

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