This Little Wife of Mine, I’m Gonna Let Her Shine

I’ve had this post on my mind for awhile now… And today I finally got the picture to go with it. Selfies with the wife are hard to come by when one of us is always holding or entertaining one of the littles… Okay Matt…get to the point… So most of you know already thatContinue reading “This Little Wife of Mine, I’m Gonna Let Her Shine”

The Devil and the Dead Weight of Debt

I should be dead. Bullet to the brain… Heart attack or stroke… But God  Not every addict is hooked on drugs or alcohol. Demons seek to exploit and prey on our vulnerabilities. My vice was money, amplified by debt. I began chasing in 2005. I used credit to make a single large purchase…a purchase IContinue reading “The Devil and the Dead Weight of Debt”

What It Means to Finish Strong

My Dad as a coach loved the words “finish strong”… Over the years, those words were a true gift to me. In life, when my back has been against the wall and I’ve been faced with the temptation to quit, I’ve repeatedly felt my father’s voice of inspiration tugging at my heart… “Keep going, Matt.”Continue reading “What It Means to Finish Strong”

Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith.

Some people view Christians as though they walk around with a bit of a chip on their shoulders…as though they have everything figured out, and that they are superior to those around them. Let me be clear with you on this… that type of self-righteousness or arrogance does not live in the heart of aContinue reading “Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith.”

Delivering Dunamis Podcast – Coming March 8th!

Today we light the fuse… 🧨 And we start the countdown… ⏰ The Delivering Dunamis Podcast is set to explode on Monday March 8th! 💥 I hope that you’ll consider joining me in this next leg of my journey. The show will be dedicated to creating a platform committed to magnifying God’s Strength and HisContinue reading “Delivering Dunamis Podcast – Coming March 8th!”

Mental Health and Spiritual Guidance for Job Seekers

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview with my friend, Mher Mardoyan to record a few inspiring messages for job seekers. Mher is from British Columbia, Canada and he is an HR Associate Recruiter with Conagra Brands. He runs a wonderful series that highlights “Tips for Hiring and Getting Hired” onContinue reading “Mental Health and Spiritual Guidance for Job Seekers”