Blake Costa

“With everything going on in the world, Matt’s mental health community, The Outlet has proven to be a beacon of light that can seldom be matched. The ability to feel truly comfortable in a community, is an exceptionally rare feat. It is by far one of the most authentic, positive, and inspiring places that I can be.”

Lance Carroll

“As a Follower of Jesus, it’s refreshing to see Christ’s love shared in an uplifting and inclusive way. Additionally, as a mental health advocate, it’s important for all of us to see that mental health is a key component to everyone’s overall health. Matt shares his faith with everyone in his path without exclusion. And he is committed to keeping mental health’s seat at the “adult table” of overall health. He’s one of the good guys.”

Karen Bontrager

“Matthew Deibler every man, who claims to love God, himself, and his family should watch your brilliantly poignant video about the emotional temperature dad must set in the home.”

Carin Kerr

“I found that being part of this community Matt created, has allowed me to increase my knowledge on how to respond to many of the concerns of today. The group is always helpful in their perspectives, whether to the member directly or just in general. People are dealing with a number of issues given the times we live in. But unlike the world outside, people are safe here. There is always a kind and supportive word. Which tells me, just how important and needed simple kindness is today….. I am a recruiter and when my last position ended, so did the enormous group of people I was part of on a daily basis. I have been in Call Centers for more years than I care to acknowledge! There were at least always 500 people around. My last position had about 300 not including clients, so silence was never really part of my day. So being part of this group is really helpful. I am grateful to all within the group, but especially Matt as he keeps us all coming back!”

Don Chen

“When I first started to explore LinkedIn as a new platform to build connections during lockdown back in May 2020, I chance upon Matt’s post on telling the right story, I knew this man had the same “vibe” as myself and started to follow him. The next post I was surprised that even though times are rough due to the pandemic and he, facing recent retrenchment while being the sole breadwinner. There was no hatred, fear and doubt as he speaks his mind and I quote from him, “I will not allow myself to succumb to fear and lack. In the past, my mind may have directed me there. But I am no longer led by my mind. I am led by my heart. And in my heart I feel full. I feel calm.” His story of being faithful as a Christian and a caring father to his family has indeed touched my life in a positive way. If you ever feel depressed and lost, I highly recommend you to read his book, Matthew Deibler’s story about his strong faith and being positive in life is what you need.”

Professor Pete Alexander

“Matthew is one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever heard. Whether he is sharing about his childhood, career or family, Matthew always has just the right message for me to hear. I am grateful to be part of his tribe.”

Audrina Gan

“By sharing his own experience on coping and living with anxiety, Matt has encouraged us to acknowledge and speak up on the mental challenges that we face from time to time.  He has set up a mental wellness support group on LinkedIn to support and lend an empathetic listening ear to raise awareness on mental well-being. I appreciate Matt’s efforts in helping us build stronger mental resilience.”