It’s Over, Easy Street

It’s over…

I can’t keep chasing this illusion.

Our relationship is toxic.

The fact of the matter is, when I’m with you, I feel hollow inside.

I become stagnant, surrendering to the fear of my inadequacy whenever you are absent.

In the emptiness I often find myself leaning into temptation and rejecting opportunities for growth.

Risks become minimal, and excuses amplified.

My faith draws increasingly shallow.

My vision becomes blurred.

Purpose becomes the pursuit of “another day.”

But what if I don’t have another day…?

After all, tomorrow is certainly not promised to anyone.

It’s imperative that I start living, NOW.

Risking my life in comfortable discomfort is not something that I can tolerate any longer.

It’s over, Easy Street.

We just aren’t meant to be.

I need more. That’s just how I am built.

My mission is a winding road.

And I LOVE it.

I know it sounds crazy….

But give me tears, bruises and battle scars…

Because I fully understand the fruit that they bear.

And I’ll take them over a false sense of security and comfort any day.

What about you?


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