Give Me a Blank Page

Transformation begins with a blank page.

Throw everything else out the window.





None of it means a thing.

Give me an open heart…

…an earnest desire for The Truth…

…and a willingness to sacrifice all that you once thought you were for everything that God desires you to become.

That’s it.

Give me a blank page.

And then I’ll get out of the way and watch God work in the space that you’ve created for Him.

A new story will be told.

You’ll be blown away…

…because God’s story may not look anything like the one that you’ve been telling for the vast majority of your life.

But man will it be powerful…

It will be pure.

It will be potent.

It will be purposeful.

It will change lives, beginning first and foremost with you.

Most people are terrified by the idea of starting over.

They would prefer to choose the captivity of known misery over renewal and freedom simply due to the perceived risk associated with stepping out in faith.

Personally, I LOVE a blank page.

Broke, naked, humbled…

…this is where I am most comfortable.

Denied of everything but The Lord.

That’s when I am full.

That’s when I am clear.

That’s when I am powerful.

That’s when His Majesty is most perfectly revealed through me.




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