Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith.

Some people view Christians as though they walk around with a bit of a chip on their shoulders…as though they have everything figured out, and that they are superior to those around them.

Let me be clear with you on this… that type of self-righteousness or arrogance does not live in the heart of a true Christian.

A true Christian is humble. He is aware of his sin and he understands his need for repentance.

He fully recognizes the inadequacy of his flesh. That’s why his reliance is so deeply rooted in his faith. He has accepted the fact that he cannot navigate his life’s journey on his own. And therefore, he has called on The Good Shepherd to lead him.

A true Christian understands the nature of the spiritual war that we face. And his loyalty is not to man, but to God.

He lives with an eternal mindset rooted in The Truth of God’s Word.

Every day he is tasked with disposing of the relentless temptations of his tormenting flesh.

Until the moment of his last breath, he dedicates his life to fighting the good fight, to finishing the race and keeping the faith.

That is not a light commitment. Because he remains a prime target of the evil one. Satan is always seeking to lure him away.

A true Christian does not travel an easy path…

And a true Christian is far from perfect…

But he can rest in the understanding that his ultimate destination is secure. Because Jesus Christ is his Victor. And that is his Peace.

New episodes of the Delivering Dunamis Podcast air the week of June 28th. Tune in for an inside look at the walk of this imperfect Christian as we continue to fight the good fight of faith…

WE WILL finish the race.


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