The Truth Will Set You Free

I was great at telling lies.

Lies rooted in shame.

Lies that diminished my self worth.

Lies that led me to conceal my true identity.

Lies that led to great captivity.

Most of these lies were not directed outward, but inward.

Under their weight, I felt great pressure.

Eventually the lies became too much for me to carry, and I broke.

I fell into a pit of darkness I thought I would never escape.

But that’s when the Truth began to shine.

The Truth was my life preserver.

It rescued me.

It redeemed my life.

The Truth helped me expose the lies of my adversary.

It helped me to feel loved.

It helped me to feel strong.

It revealed an identity that had long been hidden under the murkiness of deception.

It brought me clarity.

It brought me purpose.

The Truth provided me a still mind and a full heart.

The Truth made me bold.

It made me yearn for more.

It gave me a voice.

It set me free.

If you are overwhelmed…

If you feel lost or hopeless…

If you feel overcome by shame or guilt…

Of if you have no real sense of who you are…

You may find that an intricate web of compounding lies has assumed power in your life.

Don’t give up.

The Truth is undefeated.

Seek it.

Speak it.

Live it.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)


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