Take the Ball

As a former athlete, I often relate my life experiences to what I learned on the gridiron decades ago.

Football is a game unlike any other.

It’s transformative. It teaches powerful lessons regarding how to face and overcome adversity.

For years, I fought every battle in my life as I played every down on the football field.

Then under the weight of my most formidable opponent ever, I broke.

That’s when I realized, I was on waging war on the wrong battlefield.

My battle was spiritual.

My opponent, the devil.

Spiritual warfare reminds me of football quite a bit.

In confronting evil, we cannot assume a defensive posture.

Playing slow, hesitating, waiting for the blow – it’s how you get hurt, both in football and in the spirit realm.

You have to remain on the offensive. Take the battle to the enemy. Deliver the hit. Stun him. Keep him on his heels. And don’t let up.

In football, when you win the coin toss, you have the option to choose whether to take the ball or defer to the 2nd half.

My advice?


Go on offense.

Put points on the board.

Keep the enemy chasing.

Set the tone early and often.

Let him know that you will not be bullied by deception or temptation.

Make this point very clear…

“It’s going to be a long day, Satan.”


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