Be Careful with Idols

Growing up, I was the popular kid.

I ran with the in-crowd.

To my peers, I came from a family that had it all together.

I excelled at most things that I tried.

Without any real effort I was an honor student.

I was the quarterback of the football team and I broke records.

I dated the pretty girls.

And I drove a nice car.

Everything was perfect.

Except it wasn’t.

I was a fraud.

My family didn’t have it all together.

Our house was filled with strife.

I suffered deeply with obsessive compulsive disorder which later led to full blown anxiety and panic.

I was a perfectionist.

No goal achieved was ever enough.

But I hid it all quite well.

I chose relationships for the wrong reasons and I suffered disastrous consequences for those decisions.

I had two broken engagements before I met and married my wife.

I sought comfort in money.

I liked polishing the surface to redirect the focus away from the brokenness within.

I ran on emotion and ego.

And I had no relationship with God.

I wasn’t someone to be admired. Not in the slightest.

Yet sadly, the world embraced me anyway.

Be careful with idols.

What you are getting may not be genuine.

I’m living proof.

Look deeper.

Avoid hedonism, egoism and materialism.

It’s pervasive.

But it’s not YOU.

Follow the TRUTH.

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