Busy or Full?

Is your life busy?

Or full?

I remember busy well.

Busy was a Monday flight to Seattle.

By midweek the SF Bay Area.

Then an early flight home on Friday followed by a race to my car to try and beat traffic and see my family for dinner.

Busy with rental cars, hotel check-ins, VPN access, conference calls, meetings, sales reports, CRM…

… trying to make time to eat adequate meals on a modest per diem, carve out a few minutes to FaceTime my wife and kids before bed and get some decent rest.

Busy was a distraction.

It met the urges of my racing mind.

And it made me feel secure.

But that was a complete illusion.

Busy kept me blind to purpose.

Busy was a trap.

It ensured fullness was a side hustle.

Faith, family, freedom, fitness and joy became part-time pursuits.

I was in the business of busyness – it was my income.

And who could deny a man’s focus on providing for the financial needs of his family?

That was a noble undertaking.

Well, perhaps…

The issue?

Providing is about more than money.

It’s about aligning with a will greater than your own and fulfilling it as a compassionate leader in your home.

Providing is a love story.

And there is no room for the love story to unfold in the busyness.

You have to make a choice and go all in.

Busy? Or full?

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