Live for God’s Promise

In December 2019 I left my stable employment to accept the risk of starting over once again.

0 clients.

$0 in revs.

Blank slate.

But the earning opportunity was fantastic.

And the product offering matched my vision for the future evolution of the industry where I had spent the vast majority of my career.

It was time, I thought.

So I negotiated a comfortable “guarantee” and took a leap.

My wife and I had just closed on a home.

We were in the midst of a season of sleepless nights and chaotic days with a two and a half year old son and a recently born two and a half month old daughter.

The holidays were upon us.

On paper, a major career overhaul made absolutely no sense.

But I stilled my mind in the “guarantee”.

I thought if I tried it for a year and I found out that I had made a mistake, I could always bail at that time without risking any financial harm.

By month two, COVID-19 was making headlines.

By month four, I was on a significantly reduced comp plan.

By month six, I was laid off.

The security of my guarantee was an illusion.

The world makes no guarantees.

Yet many of us continue to be drawn to these types of false promises for our comfort.

There is only one Truth.

Live for the one promise that cannot be taken away by the world.

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