24 Hours…for Eternity

What if you only had 24 hours to live…?

In reality, that’s all that any of us have.

And even that is not guaranteed.

How many times have you awakened and taken for granted the blessing that it is to simply open your eyes?

To take another breath?

To have another crack at life?

It’s amazing how easily we can be deceived into thinking that we have supreme control.

We trick ourselves into believing that there is security in our own strength.

And we attempt to act as the gods of our own lives.

But we are not gods at all.

Every miracle that we experience throughout our lifetimes including our own birth has NOTHING to do with us.

It is ALL about God.

Always has been.

Always will be.

Imagine if we lived our lives 24 hours at a time with a heart of gratitude and hands working in reverent submission to His will?

How might things look different?

Where might we go?

With whom might we spend our time?

What outlets might we turn off/on?

How might we view our profession?

Our finances?

Our freedom?

You are not promised tomorrow.

If you receive another day, view it as a gift.

Get up and begin living as though the clock is ticking.

Do not take any regrets into the night.

Your security is an illusion.

Live for eternity…

24 hours at a time.

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