Carin Kerr

“I found that being part of this community Matt created, has allowed me to increase my knowledge on how to respond to many of the concerns of today. The group is always helpful in their perspectives, whether to the member directly or just in general. People are dealing with a number of issues given the times we live in. But unlike the world outside, people are safe here. There is always a kind and supportive word. Which tells me, just how important and needed simple kindness is today….. I am a recruiter and when my last position ended, so did the enormous group of people I was part of on a daily basis. I have been in Call Centers for more years than I care to acknowledge! There were at least always 500 people around. My last position had about 300 not including clients, so silence was never really part of my day. So being part of this group is really helpful. I am grateful to all within the group, but especially Matt as he keeps us all coming back!”