Don Chen

“When I first started to explore LinkedIn as a new platform to build connections during lockdown back in May 2020, I chance upon Matt’s post on telling the right story, I knew this man had the same “vibe” as myself and started to follow him. The next post I was surprised that even though times are rough due to the pandemic and he, facing recent retrenchment while being the sole breadwinner. There was no hatred, fear and doubt as he speaks his mind and I quote from him, “I will not allow myself to succumb to fear and lack. In the past, my mind may have directed me there. But I am no longer led by my mind. I am led by my heart. And in my heart I feel full. I feel calm.” His story of being faithful as a Christian and a caring father to his family has indeed touched my life in a positive way. If you ever feel depressed and lost, I highly recommend you to read his book, Matthew Deibler’s story about his strong faith and being positive in life is what you need.”