Will You Trust Him When Your Plans Fall Apart?

December 9th, 2019.

While on board a flight back from LaGuardia (NYC) to RDU, I snapped this selfie as tears began to fill my eyes.

I was overcome.

Everything was coming together.

The hard work was finally paying off.

I felt like for the first time in years, I was catching a very elusive and much needed break.

My daughter had been born two months earlier and our family was filling out perfectly.

In ten days we would close on our first home in NC.

And I had just nailed an interview that had landed me a lucrative offer from a company on a radical growth trajectory.

I was finally on the path to fixing all that I had broken over course of my lifetime.

2020 would surely be the year of my great reset.

Fast forward three months.

While on my first business trip, the pandemic hit the U.S.

Soon after, I received a 30% comp reduction.

3 months later, I was laid off.

Shockingly, I felt no fear.

Only hope.

But why?

Because I knew God.

And I recognized that He had carried me through every storm I had ever faced.

This situation would be no different.

I had planned my course.

But the Lord was about to establish my steps.

I just needed to Trust Him and follow His lead.

And now…

a book..

a business..


Will you trust God when your plans fall apart?


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