#1 Best Seller The Devil and the Children of God at the End of the World is Available Now on Amazon!

In 2011 I hit rock bottom.

I was ready to die.

But I refused to entertain the idea of suicide.

I knew that God did not want me to give up.

So I put my life into His hands.

And He inspired me to share my story.

I began a blog.

And He started slowly guiding me out of the pit of darkness.

Within nine months I felt moved to write my first book.

I completed a manuscript proposal and secured a publishing agreement.

And then I met the devil.

I fell into temptation.

I turned my back on God in pursuit of my own desires.

I denied the nudge of the Holy Spirit.

And I abandoned the project altogether.

I never wrote a single page.

I was led back to captivity.



I felt like a fool.

I desperately wanted to hear God’s voice but I didn’t know if or when He would return.

I questioned my worthiness.

But I held tightly to the hope of renewal.

Even in seasons of great sin I continued to call on my Savior.

And years later through dreams, visions, prophetic words and miracles He began to reveal Himself to me again.

Something was coming.

I felt moved to awaken and prepare.

God was leading me to my own ministry of sorts.

But there was one last hurdle to clear.

The devil. Round two.

This is my story. This is God’s victory.

Follow this link to purchase!

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